Resolutiion and its autocorrect-hating name hit Switch this month

Resolutiion release date May Nintendo Switch Monolith of Minds Deck13

You literally can’t search for Resolutiion in search engines of any kind without it first correcting your results to “resolution.” I don’t know if developer Monolith of Minds was really thinking that one through as far as marketing potential goes, but publisher Deck13 is doing its best anyway to let everyone know the game will release for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and GOG on May 28.

At first glance, Resolutiion screams comparisons with Hyper Light Drifter with its awfully similar visual style. Even its triangular logo conveys that sort of vibe. But the game aims to distinguish itself. It promises 20 hours of gameplay, “a grim cyberpunk world where nothing is as it seems” (sure), new abilities gained from defeating enemies, and “gruesome” bosses. Take a look at its new trailer and judge for yourself.

Incidentally, back in February sister site PC Invasion previewed a demo of Resolutiion available on Steam, and they had some deeply negative things to say about the game. Fortunately, impressions are subjective and a lot can change in a few months, so we shouldn’t write this one off out of turn.

We’ll all find out whether this title from Monolith of Minds and Deck13 is a classic or a stinker in just a few weeks.


John Friscia
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