Wesker & Resident Evil characters explain how to destroy COVID-19

Wesker Resident Evil voice actors video how to stop coronavirus COVID-19

Resident Evil voice actors have come together to speak about lockdown and how it can help flatten the COVID-19 novel coronavirus infection rate curve. The video stars three key voice actors from the Resident Evil franchise. Albert Wesker voice actor D.C. Douglas speaks for most of the video, though Chris Redfield voice actor Roger Craig Smith and Jill Valentine voice actor Nicole Tompkins add in a few words.


It may be a leap to say that Wesker and co. are yet another example of celebrities doing what they can to help keep people indoors during these troubling times, but for gaming fans, it isn’t. As the voice actors for some of the most famous characters in gaming, some people are going to take what they say to heart. These voice actors have done a great job getting the video together and coordinating their time to spread awareness of how to handle COVID-19. It also looks like D.C. Douglas had a hand in putting the visuals together, alongside Rachael Leone.

Capcom didn’t have anything to do with this Resident Evil voice actor video, which makes sense considering the antics that Wesker gets up to in it. Although, a report does say the publisher has a Resident Evil 4 remake in development with M-Two.


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