Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness new trailer reveals final Netflix release date

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness official trailer Netflix release date July 8, 2021 Capcom CG animation

Netflix has released a longer official trailer for CG-animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, revealing a final release date of July 8, 2021. This follows up on a cool character trailer released last month. The new trailer has Leon S. Kennedy reflecting on past horrors while Claire Redfield is piecing together a (zombie, clearly zombie) conspiracy. It seems that Ada Wong makes a brief appearance as well, just long enough to look good in a tanktop and contribute nothing of narrative value.

Since it’s set in 2006, two years after Resident Evil 4, Ashley Graham’s dad is still the president in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and we get some glimpses at political intrigue. Inevitably, there will be some government corruption and/or infiltration by Umbrella or an equivalent seedy organization, and Leon and Claire (and Ada?) will manage to fix it all with shotguns and rocket launchers. And they will need rocket launchers, by the looks of a creature at the end that seems to be an intelligent Tyrant.

This new trailer is the most impressive showing of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness yet, and now I’m actually a lot more hyped for that July release date than I ever was before. What do you think of what Netflix and Capcom have cooked up here?


John Friscia
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