Resident Evil 4 remake art allegedly leaked by Wesker VA

Resident Evil 4 remake Capcom esHop sale

Voice actor DC Douglas apparently has shared artwork from the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake with fans, as reported by Twitter account @BewareCreepyVAs. The account accuses Douglas of potentially violating his NDA by revealing his role in the game and sharing the art in direct messages with fans. It is not clear at this point whether or not the artwork is the real deal, but VGC noted that Douglas deleted his Twitter account around the time that this news broke.

You can view the art in the embedded tweet below.

It is quite interesting to get what might be our first look at the unannounced remake. Because of the contract-breaking circumstances under which it may have been shared, we might also see some behind-the-scenes changes with the game soon, but it is hard to speculate too much into what that could look like.

According to VGC, the Resident Evil 4 remake has been in development since 2018, following Capcom’s recent pattern of Resident Evil remakes. The remake was initially led by M-Two, a studio comprised of many former PlatinumGames employees, but M-Two saw its role in development substantially reduced following a project review at some point last year. With no announcement or release window, the current status of the Resident Evil 4 remake is unknown.


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