Resident Evil 2 on Switch isn’t currently in the cards for Capcom

Resident Evil 2 - Capcom

Fans holding out hope for a Resident Evil 2 port on Nintendo Switch will have to keep dreaming, unfortunately. Capcom noted last year that the Switch wouldn’t receive a version of the game, and that apparently still holds true at this very moment. In a response to a Twitter inquiry, the community manager for Resident Evil games among others shattered the possibility, at least in the near term.

“No plans” isn’t necessarily definitive, but the future prospects for a Switch version seem unlikely. The Resident Evil 2 remake garnered critical acclaim instantly upon release on other platforms. It’s viewed as the new standard for what remakes should be. The graphical overhaul was only a piece of re-imagining this survival horror classic. Retaining and even stoking the horror at the core of the original through atmospheric design was essential, and Capcom did a remarkable job in that department. The popularity of this title is what drove even our own staff to wonder whether a Switch port was viable or a worthy investment from a commercial perspective.

The good news…

But it’s not all gloomy, Resident Evil fans can still delight in the knowledge that Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil (Remake), and Resident Evil 4 are heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 21. Yes, these games have seen countless ports since their GameCube days. But, there is certainly a reason for that. These games are among the best the franchise has to offer with moments that defined the legacy of the series. If you haven’t played these titles, do yourself a favor and put them on your radar this Spring.

Are you disappointed that Capcom’s plans for an RE2 port are non-existent? Will you be picking up any of the Resident Evil titles releasing on the Switch this Spring? Let us know your thoughts on all things Resident Evil in the comments below!

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