Report: Sony Working With Nintendo on Mario Bros Movie

Recently, Sony Pictures encountered a huge hacking attack. Through this attack, hackers gained insight into several projects, and were even able to find whole sections of upcoming movies that were already filmed. Hackers have been sifting through all this information for weeks; however, today they found something particularly unusual.

According to emails sent between Nintendo and Sony Pictures, the two companies are planning to create a feature film Mario movie. Fortunately, this movie will not be live action like the last Mario Bros movie that released. Instead, this planned movie is animated.

The most unusual part of this whole deal is that Sony Pictures is part of Sony, the company responsible for the release/sales of the PS4 console. It is rather interesting to see, through this leak, that Nintendo is working with one of its competitors.

Although this information was found, it is still rather unlikely that this movie will ever see the light of day. Most movie pitches and initial deals never actually come to fruition.

Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.