Report: Nintendo customer service will fix Joy-Con drift for free

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The ongoing saga of Switch Joy-Con drift continues. According to “internal Nintendo documentation seen by VICE Games,” Nintendo customer service is being instructed to fix Joy-Con controller drift free of charge and to refund those who have already been charged. No proof of purchase or a warranty will be required.

Although, the alleged internal memo requires for customer service to work with the customer to go through all of the usual step-by-step troubleshooting first. Only if customer service can’t walk the customer through solving the issue themselves are they to offer a free repair at no charge. This makes perfect sense, so no complaints there. In any case, the internal memo reads, “We want to quickly handle these questions to restore consumers[‘] smiles.”

Officially, Nintendo has nothing to say at present about this alleged internal memo, and they have not confirmed its validity. That means there is nothing to discuss on the subject of how to receive a refund on a Joy-Con drift fix as well. However, assuming this internal memo is the genuine article, we can expect Nintendo to make an official announcement of some kind in the near-ish future.

When facing a lawsuit, you kind of have to speak up at some point. So stay tuned if Joy-Con drift is affecting you; there could be good news around the bend.


John Friscia
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