Report: Marvel XCOM-ish game, Borderlands spin-off in the works at 2K

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Any time a game gets announced at E3 that we never saw coming, it’s a miracle. Today is not a time for those miracles, as several upcoming games from 2K have leaked via a Reddit thread, the veracity of which has been corroborated by GamesBeat and Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier. Whether or not all these games are actually revealed at E3, 2K apparently has at least three big unannounced projects right now: a Marvel game with XCOM-like gameplay from Firaxis Games, a Gearbox Borderlands spin-off starring Tiny Tina either called Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands or just Wonderlands, and Codename Volt, an open-world game with sci-fi and supernatural elements from Mafia III developer Hangar 13.

Additional details are not abundant. The Marvel game with XCOM gameplay will reportedly include Wolverine, Iron Man, and other popular characters, but in a strategic role-playing setup that resembles Firaxis’ usual XCOM games. Wonderlands will continue the Borderlands series’s class-based shooting combat. Codename Vault is apparently something to the effect of “Cthulhu meets Saints Row” (which sounds awesome). And for good measure, NBA 2K22 will allegedly feature Dirk Nowitzki on the cover of one of its versions.

Platforms have not been confirmed for any of these leaked games as of yet, but even if these titles aren’t announced for Nintendo Switch (or Switch Pro?) right away, they could always show up later. Switch could really use a Marvel XCOM game.

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