‘Renegade’ will be punching its way onto Nintendo Switch soon


Since its port to the NES in 1987, Taito’s beat’em up game Renegade has made its way to other consoles.  On Thursday it will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.  Hamster Corporation who was behind the game’s 2015 PS4 port is behind the development and publishing of the port for Switch.  One year earlier, Arc Systems WorksCo., Ltd ported the game over to the Wii U in 2014.  Prior to its release on the NES, the game underwent major changes to give it a more westernized look and feel.  Its original name was Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun.

Which translates to Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Kunio. The story centered around a young man named Kunio who sought out and fought gang members and high school troublemakers.  He did so in order to keep his friend Hiroshi who was the antagonists’ target safe.  In Renegade the story is quite different.

In fact, there is even a big similarity between its story and the one in Double Dragon which was released in June of 1987.  Renegade, has you control a protagonist named Mr. K who must fight bikers and gang members to save his girlfriend. Sound familiar?  Also, both games have four-way directional roaming which presented a pseudo-3D environment, as did other types of beat’em ups that followed.

Renegade gives players the option to choose how certain levels begin.  When you arrive at the game’s third level you can choose who you want to fight.  If you take one path it will lead you directly to the boss.

But if you chose the other route, you would start off by fighting a group of smaller enemies.  Does this type of gameplay and level select make you want to buy the Switch version?  What are some of your favorite beat’em ups?  Comment below!


Nick Battaglia
As a gamer with one arm, Nick strives to inform and showcase what it is like to play games from his point-of-view.  While his love for RPG's, fighters, and everything Nintendo is strong, the only thing stronger is his want to become the live-action version of Mega Man. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @MercWithOneArm.