Renegade Kid: Mutant Mudds 3DS, Wii U and \”Big Wii U Title\” in Development

An audio interview with Renegade Kid has emerged, where they reveal several new details of their upcoming games and a secret Wii U project…


Mutant Mudds 3DS Update 33:45 – 42:15
– Hopes to be out mid-late October

Mutant Mudds Deluxe Announcement 1:50:00 – 1:56:00
– Will probably stay unique to the Wii U
– A lot of work went into the visuals to make it
look good on Wii U
– Extra artwork added to the Wii U levels
– Game will be playable on either the TV or Wii U
GamePad. Nothing utilizing both screens now.

Other Renegade Kid Projects 2:08:30 – 2:39:00
– Mutant Mudds Update submitted to both NoA and
– Work on the 3DS update hasn’t been going on long
– Talked to Nintendo to determine whether update
could be free or as DLC
– Project Greenlight process
– Mutant Mudds sitting at 3% approval
– Games don’t need 100% to be released on Steam
– Renegade Kid’s focus is not on the PC market
– Consulting on Dementium II PC port, not directly
working on the project
– ATV Wild Ride development progressing nicely
– New suspension models just added to ATV’s
– Team recorded new, original ATV sounds
– Could be out by the end of the year, or early next year
– Disappointed by sales of Bomb Monkey
– Big Wii U title in the works for Holiday 2013