First impressions: Staff thought Reggie Fils-Aimé was security at E3 2004


Reggie Fils-Aimé was one of Nintendo of America’s most prolific presidents, operating from 2006 to 2019. His first E3 was in 2004, where Nintendo showed off the DS and Twilight Princess in the same presentation. The man talked about “kickin’ ass and takin’ names” during his introductory appearance onstage. It’s no wonder, then, someone mistook him for security backstage beforehand.

I could totally picture Reggie as a bouncer

Reggie recalled the identity mixup during an appearance on the Talking Games podcast:

…So I’m there in a two-piece suit with a black t-shirt underneath, standing, looking out onto the crowd, and we had various staff running around, doing things. Everyone had to be badged. They needed to have ID that showed that they were allowed to be where they were. So I’m standing there, gazing out to the crowd, and there was a member of a staff that came close to me, and I turned and looked at them, and literally they just stopped – rigid. He starts fumbling for his ID, and he’s like, he’s showing me his ID, like ‘it’s okay for me to be there.’ This guy thought I was the security guard.

So imagine what’s going through his brain when the conference starts, and the lights go up, and he sees me. I mean, he must be saying to himself, ‘What’s going on with Nintendo that they’ve got the security guard giving the presentation? What is this?’

Is it so hard to believe Nintendo would have a security guard give an important demonstration, Reggie? You could have had a dual-title as Vice President of Sales and Marketing/Head of Security. Maybe don’t be so quick to judge!

Enthusiasts, what do you think of this humorous story? Do you miss seeing Reggie appear in Nintendo Directs? Let us know below.

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