Reggie claims that constant Mother 3 requests shrunk him by half an inch

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The neverending barrage of Mother 3 badgering apparently took its toll on former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. Today, Reggie took to his famous Twitter account to clear up some questions about his height. He claimed that the 6’1″ listing on Wikipedia was incorrect. Instead, Reggie insists that he currently stands at a commanding 6’2.5″, and that he peaked at a towering 6’3″ before shrinking under the weight of a bajillion inquiries over Mother 3 and its missing localization.

Mother 3, of course, is nowhere to be found, so what do its faithful fans have to show for all of their requests? Half of an inch off of Reggie, apparently, with their long lost game nowhere in sight. Reggie is a little old to ever get that lost height back, but maybe he’ll spring back up now that he is enjoying retirement, safely insulated from the Mother 3 army (though he has had to remind us before that he is ‘luckily’ done with that game forever).

In the meantime, though, perhaps Nintendo should learn from Reggie’s plight. Now that those wanting Mother 3 know that their begging works as a slow-action shrink ray, Doug Bowser is in danger. I can think of one thing Nintendo could do that might distract them…


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