Reggie Fils-Aime trolls fans with ‘Mother 3 English version’ tweet

mother 3 english version reggie fils-aime

Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is one of the most memorable video game execs in history. For years he captivated Nintendo fans with his big personality and on-camera antics. One of his more memorable running gags was his love-hate relationship with Mother 3 fans. The quirky JRPG never received an English version or any localization outside of Japan, and the community made damn sure Reggie was aware of that fact. Over and over and over again.

Mother 3 English Version?

As a fellow Mother 3 fan, I can’t blame them, but I also can’t blame Reggie for getting fed up after a while. In 2014, Nintendo referenced his frustration in an E3 sketch, and after retiring he quipped that he was glad to no longer be involved in those kinds of decisions. Even so, it seems he couldn’t resist stirring the pot and riling up Nintendo fans once more. When Twitch put out a tweet asking users to share an unplayed game from their library, Fils-Aime shot back with this:

Mother 3 English version. Every time I think it’s time to play it, I get trolled and decide to put it off. Maybe I will fire it up this weekend.

English version? Alright, just what are you trying to pull Reggie??  Twitter is ablaze with people speculating whether this is some kind of hint or if Reggie’s endorsing emulators. Let’s be honest though, the most likely answer is that he’s just trying to mess with us all. And let’s be even more honest. We deserve it.


Ben Lamoreux
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