Honoring the past: Nintendo’s 2020 recruitment pamphlet features old-school favorites

recruitment pamphlet

When one thinks of Nintendo, they probably think about its video games. Mario, Zelda, Metroid…the recognizable franchises. But how does the company attract the talent it needs to innovate and create titles for the future? By distributing a recruitment pamphlet! Also, since it’s Nintendo, the brochure contains wonderful homages to characters we’ve only seen return recently.

This recruitment pamphlet is depicting some strange events

Let’s take a look at some of the pages from the leaflet and figure out what’s going on in each.

recruitment pamphlet

Here, Princess Daisy is conversing with Wart via long-distance while she forces Goombas to do her job for her. Clearly, things are not working out with Luigi and her highness would rather flirt with an amphibian. Donkey Kong is eavesdropping on the conversation and is as confused as we are.

recruitment pamphlet

Next, we have Luigi, Pauline, Wiggler, and Spike jamming out in a band, perhaps performing “Jump Up, Super Star!” Luigi is assessing his chances with the mayor after finding out about Daisy’s treachery.

recruitment pamphlet

Finally, Bower Jr. is shown accosting his minions while testing out the Koopa Clown Car. The offspring of Bowser does not seem to think the incoming lawsuit will affect him at all.

Enthusiasts, do you think Nintendo makes endearing recruitment pamphlets? Let us know below!

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