Alwa’s Awakening sells impressively well on Switch, smashing a PC sales record


Alwa’s Awakening looks like a pretty entertaining retro game. The title recently launched on Switch, over a year after its release on PC. It’s done VERY well for itself. Record-setting well, in fact.

Riding that indie Switch gravy train

Mikael Forslind, an owner of developer Elden Pixels, revealed today that Alwa’s Awakening sold more copies on Switch in its first week than it did in its first month on PC. An unequal comparison due to the passage of time and the different marketplaces, but something to be proud of, nonetheless.

Additionally, Mikael had some Steam statistics to share. In 2017, Alwa’s Awakening had 49.5% total Steam sales, compared to 50.5% in 2018. He chalked it up to price slashes, which certainly has some credence. Steam discounts are like flash sales; you buy something because you know you’ll never get another deal like it, only to forget your game in the massive backlog you created for yourself because you decided to be thrifty.

What kind of game is Alwa’s Awakening?

It’s easy to look at Alwa’s Awakening and dismiss it as another retro platformer for the Nintendo Switch since there are so many available on the eShop. However, the game looks unique and intuitive enough that it stands out from the crowd. It has a heroine with various magic spells, like the ability to create blocks and bubbles out of thin air. It appears to have a good mix of combat and puzzles, as well. Sure, it looks a little like Shovel Knight in its aesthetic and that green block reminds me of the ice from Kickle Cubicle, but sometimes a game pays homage to its predecessors in a way that makes it distinctive. Alwa’s Awakening seems to be just like that.

Am…am I the only one that played Kickle Cubicle?

Musings on this sales milestone for Alwa’s Awakening? Please share with us down below.

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