Realistic Peppy Hare from God of War art director finishes Team Star Fox

Realistic Peppy Hare Star Fox God of War art director Raf Grassetti Santa Monica Studio Sony

And now the circle is complete (although actually there’s one more on the way). God of War art director Raf Grassetti of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has created a super detailed and realistic Peppy Hare, completing his collection of beautiful reimaginings of Team Star Fox. Previously, we received a confident Fox McCloud, a cute and freaky Slippy Toad, and a 2 edgy 4 me Falco Lombardi. Realistic Peppy Hare, by comparison, feels appropriately level-headed, which is fitting considering he is the “elder statesman” of the team.

Would you play a Star Fox game with a leading crew that looks like this?

Now that Team Star Fox is finished, you might think Grassetti is finished rendering the characters, but nope! He says Wolf O’Donnell is still on the way, leader of the villainous Team Star Wolf. We can likely look forward to Wolf tomorrow, considering the daily rate of releases so far.

Up till now, Grassetti has been known for his hyper-realistic renditions of a couple dozen Super Smash Bros. characters, as well as awesome depictions of Cuphead villains. And — sure, why not — he has also churned out tons of utterly spectacular Dragon Ball fan art. What is your favorite creation so far?


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