Raw footage from Nintendo HQ takes us back to 1990

Nintendo of America HQ 1990 video raw footage unedited

Ah the early ’90s. Back then, the gaming landscape looked a whole lot different than it does today, and so the did the process of creating consoles. The NES dominated that period, and a new video has surfaced online that takes us back to the Nintendo of America HQ in 1990.

The 20-minute video is full of raw, unedited footage, featuring NES production lines, what goes into creating products in the games industry, and a section on game testing. Much of the clip has no commentary or context, so it’s not always completely clear what’s going on. Seeing a production line for a product like the NES is fascinating though, and it highlights how different things were back then.


About halfway through the video, there’s an interview with a Nintendo of America product designer, for a 1990 news report or something of the sort. It’s a bit awkward when he’s pressed to essentially promote working hard over playing games, and it’s clear that part wasn’t intended to be heard. Anyway, it’s all satisfactory for the interviewer in the end, as the employee explains how hard he’s had to work to develop for Nintendo.

The clip closes out with a section on playtesting, which was probably a big focus for Nintendo and its famous “Seal of Quality.” Not so much now though, with the Nintendo Switch eShop’s lack of meaningful moderation.

In any case, this is a really neat look back at what the industry was like three decades ago.


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