Rare SNES Counter Console Tester Showcased on Rerez

If you’ve watched some of our podcast over on our YouTube channel you may have met Shane Luis, the creator behind the Rerez channel.  He often features rare and obscure gaming consoles and games in ways no one has up to date.  Today a new Nintendo relic has surfaced on his channel in the form of a rare Super Nintendo Console Tester unit.

Back when gaming consoles were made mostly of proprietary components it was near impossible for your local retailers to help you should your console no longer work.  Luckily Nintendo provided a console tester for both the NES and SNES to quickly check what components could be malfunctioning on your system.  Check it out for yourself in the video below.


Jason Lepine
Operations manager at EG and video darling. The "class" of our Class vs. Crass podcast.