Random: A NES Homebrew Cartridge for a Podcast?

The NES homebrew scene is arguably the most diverse in gaming. Considering the fact that the NES was the first widely popular “retro” system, modders, hackers, and game developers have been producing new NES games for decades now, with no signs of slowing down. It’s even gotten to the point where homebrew developers are getting very creative with what can go on an NES cart. Case in point? The VGBS Gaming Podcast NES Cart.

Currently on Kickstarter fully-funded but with time left, this is probably the most interesting NES homebrew I have seen. One of the reward tiers for the Kickstarter is a custom NES cartridge that features the following:

  • Full Season 1 Synopsis
  • Detailed list of each episode from Season 1
  • BS Homebrew breakout and Grades for each game
  • About VGBS Gaming Podcast
  • Names of all the Kickstarter Contributors
  • Credits

There is even original music on the cartridge as well, and of course, it will play on your NES system just like a normal game would. It will be interesting to see if other people follow suit with this idea of pushing NES cartridges from “just games” to other forms of media.

Shawn Long
Our favorite youtuber ever, and long-time founding member of our family of sites. The "crass" from our Class vs. Crass podcast