Rabbids Twitter handle changes back, drops Mario mention, tries to crush your hopes and dreams

Mario Rabbids Twitter handle changes back Ubisoft @RabbidsOfficial @MarioRabbids Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Yesterday, we reported that the official Rabbids Twitter for Ubisoft had at some point changed its Twitter handle from “@RabbidsOfficial” to “@MarioRabbids.” Considering how Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle released in 2017, fans took this development as a hopeful sign that a sequel was in the works. It was a reasonable assumption. However, as if trying to take a fire extinguisher to those hopes, the Rabbids Twitter has now changed its handle back to “@RabbidsOfficial.”

Inevitably, the Rabbids Twitter handle change is a response to all of the news reports that drove attention to the “@MarioRabbids” handle yesterday. Thus, it could still be the case that Nintendo and Ubisoft are collaborating for a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel and that Ubisoft just does not want to spoil any surprises. Although, in our reporting yesterday, I did caution that the initial Twitter handle change could have been “a case of social media housekeeping gone mad,” and today’s development lends tragic credence to that possibility.

The bottom line is that a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel may or may not be in development, and whether the Rabbids Twitter says “@RabbidsOfficial” or “@MarioRabbids” is not the best indicator of that regardless. Now might be a good time to increase your skepticism though.


John Friscia
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