R64 is the first music album released on a Nintendo 64 cartridge

German musician Remute creates first ever R64 Nintendo 64 cartridge music album preorder Bandcamp

German musician Remute has announced R64, the first music album released on a Nintendo 64 cartridge that takes advantage of N64 audio capabilities. Remute emphasizes this is not an embedded MP3 player, compressed WAV files, or any other form of “cheating.” Rather, “the sound on this cartridge gets generated and played back in realtime by the console and it’s all happening within meager 8 Megabytes of storage space!” The cartridge music album contains 15 eclectic tracks for your Nintendo 64, ranging from electro pop to “sinister techno and house excursions,” and best of all, it’s region-free.

Remute collaborated with Rasky for R64, with Rasky contributing the GUI and the sound engine, in addition to creating a 3D visual experience to accompany the music. The album is available to preorder for €39.99 at Bandcamp, and its release date is March 25, 2022. There is also a “Plus Edition” for €49.99 that comes with a blue 7″ vinyl containing three additional tracks. The first two tracks are special versions of album songs, while the third is an exclusive called “Tradition and Superposition.”

Remute has released a, well, bizarre little video riffing off a classic in order to make the announcement of R64. The musician has previously released albums for Sega Genesis, SNES, TurboGrafx-16, and Game Boy. Albums for Game Boy Advance and Dreamcast will occur later this year.

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