Q&A with Light Brick Studio, developers of LEGO Builder’s Journey

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The acclaimed puzzle adventure game LEGO Builder’s Journey is coming to Nintendo Switch later this month. Recently, we covered a presentation that showcased the game. We also had a chance to ask the developers some more in depth questions.

What inspired the more calm take on a LEGO game?

We wanted to give players the experience of building with LEGO bricks and the state of flow you are in when playing. During the course of the development, and through lots of user testing we discovered that this is a very relaxing experience, and ultimately embraced that direction. The art, music and puzzles all point in this direction. Obviously there are also challenges in this game, they give a good contrast and help convey the emotional state of the characters in the narrative.
Karsten Lund – Game Director, Light Brick Studio

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What are some of your favorite LEGO games (besides this one)?

I really liked LEGO Worlds with its “terraforming” tools, and the ability to drive around with vehicles, also LEGO Dimensions and all the awesome Minifigures and models. Some of the mashups you could create were really epic.
Karsten Lund – Game Director, Light Brick Studio

Do you have a favorite LEGO set?

One of my first LEGO sets that I got as a child was the yellow castle (375), I recently found the bricks and built it again. It is still a great building experience – it brought back fond memories. Also, the Galaxy Explorer set reminds me of my childhood.
Karsten Lund – Game Director, Light Brick Studio

Who’s handling the port to Switch?

We’re handling that in-house. We believe that new formats should be treated as new game experiences and leverage the new platforms in the best way possible. One of the benefits is that Builder’s Journey on Nintendo Switch has great touch controls.
Karsten Lund – Game Director, Light Brick Studio

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If this does well, could we also see LEGO Brawls come to consoles?

We have lots of exciting plans ahead of us. LEGO Games Publishing’s mission is to explore new ideas around LEGO games and digital play including genres, platforms and game types that have not been explored in a LEGO context before. Builder’s Journey on Switch is the first step towards that mission, and we will continue to explore other areas to help us with our goal of bringing LEGO games to new and exciting places in gamers lives.
Murray Andrews, Head of Publishing, LEGO Games Publishing

What other genres would you like to take the LEGO experience to?

I can’t really get into too much detail at the moment, but we are working on new ideas for the next LEGO experiences from Light Brick Studio.
Karsten Lund – Game Director, Light Brick Studio

We’d like to thank the developers again for taking the time to answer our questions. LEGO Builder’s Journey releases on June 22 on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. It’s currently available for Apple Arcade subscribers. Please look forward to our review.

Dominick Ashtear