Puzzle & Dragons GOLD shows off its dynamic style in English trailer

puzzle and dragons gold trailer english

It feels like it’s been ages since match-three mobile game Puzzle & Dragons was taking the smartphones of the world by storm. With the rise of countless other mobile game behemoths in the last few years, Puzzle & Dragons seems to have quietly slipped under the radar and into slight obscurity. There’s still plenty of money left pouring in and out of the franchise though, and there’s no better proof of that than the upcoming console version of the mobile game experience. Puzzle & Dragons GOLD brings the monster collecting, gem-matching action to the Nintendo Switch, and a new English trailer shows off more of the Nintendo Switch debut for the series.

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD takes the standard Bejeweled-esque gameplay and gacha-style character collecting of the original game and slaps a fresh coat of paint on it, giving you fluid 3D models of your monsters as they move and attack in battle. There’s even a full story mode with original characters, voice acting, and crisp artwork. You can play the game solo as much as you want, but there are also PvP modes that let you test your skills against friends and even online players across the globe.

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is set to hit the Nintendo Switch via the eShop on Jan. 15, 2020 for $14.99.


Miguel Moran
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