Puzzle Bobble 2 coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow

Puzzle Bobble 2 coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow

Hamster is at it again bringing us classic titles for the Nintendo Switch under the Arcade Archives banner. They have consistently been releasing from the NEOGEO library every Thursday. This week is no different with the release of Puzzle Bobble 2 tomorrow.

The press release given is below:

PUZZLE BOBBLE 2 is an action puzzle game released by Taito in 1995 as the second sequel of PUZZLE BOBBLE.

Bub and Bob, the bubble spitting dragons from the action game are back again to take on new challenges!?Skillfully bounce bubbles off the walls, make chains, and erase them!?Aim for even greater chains with the new Star Bubbles and Metal Bubbles!

This is likely the NEOGEO CD port if the description is any indication since that did release in 1995. However, this isn’t the “second sequel” as stated above but simply the sequel to the original Puzzle Bobble. Oh, Hamster, and your translation mishaps!

Puzzle Bobble 2 coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow

Nitpicks aside, this is an excellent game to pick up for your Nintendo Switch. Puzzle fans consider this title up there with the likes of Tetris and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Plus you can’t go wrong with having dino pals Bub and Bob on the go.

Puzzle Bobble 2 will release February 7th for $7.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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