Put your loose Nintendo NES carts in these kickass display cases

Nintendo NES cases

I’m constantly on the hunt for retro games, specifically Nintendo NES titles. I pick through my local thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and hopefully spot a garage sale somewhere along the way. This also means that any games I pick up at these locations more than likely won’t be complete or have any case for them. The online store known as Stone Age Gamer might have a solution for all those loose carts laying around that could use some extra retro TLC.

BitBox NES Game Case

The online store carries a variety of other cables and accessories that any retro collector might need. However, I was more interested in their offerings for Nintendo NES cartridges since I always seem to pick them up in bundles, most of them being without their original boxes.

The cases themselves will snugly fit your NES carts and the instruction booklets for them. This not only allows you to put them in a case in order to better stack them on a bookshelf, but it helps keeps them safe from dust and debris. Each of these cases will run you US $3.99. However, if you buy them in bulk, like the option to buy 25 at a time, then the cost goes significantly down to about US $2.39 a piece.


Cover me

One of the other things I liked about the boxes is the fact that you can put full-color box art into the cases. Although, there are a few caveats to the process.

For starters, you can choose to download and print out your own covers or order them through Stone Age Gamer Retroworks. Doing so will alert you with an email to then choose which covers you want to order. I found it comforting that they do in fact have “about 600 of the 700+ NES titles” to choose from. You can get more information on the official page regarding ordering and print selection.

Stone Age Gamer Retroworks does offer to ship worldwide. The rates for the US and Canada are a little more forgiving, though.

Do you have a favorite aftermarket digital storefront that you like to shop from? Or do you have a similar website that offers things for retro collectors? Let us know in the comments below!

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