Pumpkin Jack launch trailer shows off tricky new levels and boss fights

Pumpkin Jack launch trailer Headup Games Nicolas Meyssonnier Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, publisher Headup Games revealed that developer Nicolas Meyssonnier’s Halloween platformer Pumpkin Jack was launching on Oct. 23. Three days ahead of release, Headup Games has released the Pumpkin Jack launch trailer, showing off some new aspects of the game. This spooky platformer looks tougher than we first imagined.

The clip shows various levels from Pumpkin Jack, along with some character abilities and weaponry. There’s a Crash Bandicoot-esque level shown off that looks like it requires some precise platforming, alongside more traditional 3D playgrounds. A few boss levels crop up towards the end of the trailer, and the game looks like it will provide a solid challenge for players.

One thing that’s been pronounced from the start and reemphasized in the launch trailer is the game’s art style. Pumpkin Jack is going for that Tim Burton-style cartoon horror look that we’ve come to know and love. The team says that this style is consistent across all the game’s landscapes, where each level contains plenty of vibrant colors. Hopefully the visuals hold up for the Switch version of the game.

The launch trailer teases what the end goal is with Pumpkin Jack. Jack is tasked with a simple objective: “Find the wizard and destroy him!” Are you up to it?

Pumpkin Jack launches Oct. 23 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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