Sweet kicks: A collaboration between Puma and Nintendo appears imminent for Mario’s 35th anniversary


The anniversary of Super Mario Bros.‘ Japanese release is right around the corner. September 13 will be the plumber’s 35th birthday, and I’m expecting some exciting news on that day (rumors be damned). Interestingly, the footwear company, Puma, wants to get in on the celebration. It looks like the corporation is teaming up with Nintendo to design some Mario-related sneakers.

These Puma shoes look just like Jumpman himself

A Foot Locker product page spoiled the surprise earlier today. Clicking the aforementioned link doesn’t take you anywhere, probably because higher-ups noticed their mistake and took it down.

Luckily, the internet never forgets:


Those Puma sneaks look pretty sweet. The colors instantly bring Mario to mind, and the Starmen on the back seal the deal. Although I have no idea why the inner soles have Wing Cap Mario. Super Mario 64 came out in 1996, guys. You don’t think it would have been better to use an image from the first Super Mario Bros. or the recent Super Mario Odyssey? Regardless, I’d buy several.

Expect some official news on these loafers in the upcoming days. In the meantime, take your bets on how much these babies will cost and whether or not they will be in limited supply.

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up these Puma Mario sneakers? Let us know if you like the design with a comment below.

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