Fancy feet: Latest Nintendo x PUMA collaboration features new shoes celebrating 3D All-Stars


Just last month, it was announced PUMA would be partnering with Nintendo to release some cool sneakers celebrating Mario‚Äôs 35th anniversary and the launch of 3D All-Stars. The Sunshine and Galaxy variants haven’t been released yet, but the 64 ones went on sale and promptly sold out. Regardless, PUMA is joining forces with the Big N again to produce another trio of sweet kicks.

PUMA is keen on covering gamers’ feet with nostalgia

On November 27, PUMA will be selling these new shoes, with the Sunshine edition being made available solely through Foot Locker. Each shoe comes in a different style, as compared to the uniformed type of last month’s batch.

The Super Mario 64 sneakers come in PUMA’s Future Rider style. There’s a neat brick print on the side, a Wing Cap emblem on the sole, and Mario’s primary colors of red and blue. These shoes will cost $90.

The Super Mario Sunshine footwear is part of the Clyde variant. The shoes are tan and red and have a foam-like stripe that brings the game’s Isle Delfino to mind. Expect to pay $80 for these puppies.

Lastly, we have Super Mario Galaxy sneakers. These come in the RS-Fast type of PUMA wear. Colors are black, white, purple, and metallic silver. There are also Lumas and galaxy depictions dotting the entirety. You’ll have to part with $120 to nab them.

Every pair of kicks comes with a hangtag featuring 2D artwork of Mario from the respective title it celebrates. Personally, I’m really feeling the Galaxy sneakers. They are literally out of this world. I’m going to set some money aside for those bad boys right now!

Enthusiasts, are you excited for the fresh footgear from PUMA? How do these sneakers compare to the previous trio? Let us know below.

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