PUBG Corporation drops copyright lawsuit against Fortnite creator


It looks like the maker of Fortnite will not be going to court after all.  After filing a copyright lawsuit in South Korea back in January, PUBG Corporation is dropping it.  This comes less than a month after the lawsuit became known.  To ensure Epic Games it would not continue to pursue legal action, PUBG Corporation sent a letter of withdrawal.

Marking the closing of the case.  But why did PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds’ maker file the lawsuit in the first place?  Well, because it alleged Fortnite‘s inclusion of a free-to-play battle royale mode allegedly copied elements of its game.  Including its user interface.  But when you realize battle royale modes have been around for a while, the more you realize the lawsuit did not carry much weight.

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But Epic Games was not the only company PUBG Corporation set its sights on when it came to copyright infringement.   The company also sued the Chinese-based tech company NetEase Inc. over two of its games, Knives Out and Rules of Survival in April.  Alleging both games also copied PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.  In February, Knives Out earned NetEase $24 million in revenue.

Just under a quarter of the $103 million PUBG Corporation made off of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds in its first year of release.  As of right now, there is still pending legal action between PUBG Corporation and NetEase.  The reason behind the dropping of the lawsuit against Epic Games is still unknown.

Tencent Holdings Inc. is part-owner of both companies.  What muddied PUBG Corps claim is its own game exists because of Epic Games.  Simply because Epic Games provides the Unreal 4 Engine PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds needs so it can run.  Also while both games modes have the same objective, their aesthetics are totally different from one another.


Not to mention Fortnite includes a building mechanic and contains original content.  Content like the battle bus hot air balloon and the game’s various skins and outfits.  Characters in the game also have more of a cartoon look.  In May, Fortnite made $318 million across all platforms, per SuperData.

Fortnite was also downloaded 2 million times on Switch in just one day of release.  Giving it a huge grip on the battle royale category.  Which battle royale-styled game do you prefer? Comment below!

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