PsyHotel Simulator brings hotel assassins to Switch, possibly PS5 & XSX

PsyHotel Simulator RG Crew Ultimate Games S.A. Nintendo Switch 2021 PC PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

PsyHotel Simulator is a game that combines stealth, assassins, hotel management, and black comedy into one crazy package, and ready or not, it’s headed our way next year. The game will release first in 2021 for PC, followed by Nintendo Switch release and then “probably” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The title comes from Polish indie developer RG Crew and publisher Ultimate Games S.A., and the new trailer displays the borderline incomprehensible level of weirdness to expect upon playing the game.

In PsyHotel Simulator, you play as “The Boss, a contract assassin who also runs a hotel.” The people who stay at this hotel are “psychopathic criminals” though, and The Boss’s job is to, uh, kill his guests. Piotr Rycabel, RG Crew main programmer, says that the protagonist is “one part Hitman, one part Dexter Morgan” and that the hotel takes influence from The Shining, John Wick, and even Batman’s Arkham Asylum.

To successfully eliminate your guest, you will have to study and understand their habits. You might also try to set up an elaborate trap or make everything look like an accident. Basic crafting will even be incorporated in some way, in addition to presumably non-murderous elements of hotel management. “Career” and “casual” modes will be included, though the differences aren’t yet certain.

It’s striking from the PsyHotel Simulator trailer how the environments are often incredibly beautiful, yet the character models are sometimes… fugly. Well, at the least, Nintendo Switch shouldn’t struggle with rendering that element of the game.

In any case, between PsyHotel Simulator and Commander ’85, Ultimate Games S.A. is really building an eclectic catalogue on Switch.

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