Mind blown: Pokémon Center launching big Psyduck plush by year’s end


Psyduck. A Pokémon that isn’t as recognizable as Pikachu but is still unique and fun. While they did play a role in Detective Pikachu, they could always use more exposure. Enter the Pokémon Center and its reveal of the life-size Psyduck plush.

The jury is still out on whether this Psyduck can use Psybeam

Here are some shots of our confused friend:

This is my permanent look at the office


The yellow goofball stands tall at two and a half feet. They weigh nine pounds, so you won’t break your back lugging them around.

Japan will sell these bad boys at 30,800 yen, and shipping is expected this October. There was a pre-order available in America that listed the toy at $280. However, the link is no longer valid. Hopefully, there is just a delay due to the pandemic and we’ll have a new date soon.

I really want to elbow drop this animal from a ladder. Just to see if they’ll react and cause a headache. Actually, that might happen regardless.

Enthusiasts, are you in the market for a large Psyduck plush? Do you think the dolls have a shot at coming to the West? Let us know below!

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