PSA: Pokémon BDSP gives all Pokémon in your party EVs every battle

Pokemon BDSP EVs

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP for short) launched about a week ago, which means I’m now way too deep into building a competitive team to bash my friends. If you’re into the more strategic side of Pokémon, you’re familiar with Effort Values, or EVs. Properly distributing them can give your Pokémon an edge, and recent games have made it easier than ever to EV train. As it turns out, Pokémon BDSP actually rewards every member of your active party with EVs whether they battled or not.

Pokémon BDSP EVs

In most games, all Pokémon who participate in a battle are rewarded with EVs based on the enemy Pokémon’s stats. For example, defeating a Starly awards 1 EV to the Speed stat. For every 4 EVs, that stat goes up by one actual point. However, Pokémon BDSP awards both EXP and EVs to every member of the party, regardless of participation. This is quite useful for EV training multiple Pokémon at once, but if you’re not aware of it ahead of time, it can cause problems.

Since I’m a big dumb-dumb and didn’t experiment and investigate how Pokémon BDSP handles EVs before diving into the game, I now have a Jirachi with stats that are maxed out in all the wrong ways. There’s a way to remove EVs, but it’s a slow and painstaking process. A process I hope others can avoid by knowing about all of this ahead of time.

Removing EVs with berries

If your Pokémon is full of unintended EVs, you can remove them via special berries. There’s one berry for each stat, and each one removes 10 EVs in that stat. Here’s how they correspond:

  • Pomeg Berry — HP
  • Keplsy Berry — Attack
  • Qualot Berry — Defense
  • Hondew Berry — Special Attack
  • Grepa Berry — Special Defense
  • Tamato Berry — Speed

Unfortunately, all of these berries are relatively rare and scattered across the map. So you’ll need to keep tabs on where you’ve been planting them. Additionally, they take a full 24 hours to regrow. So in the case of my poor Jirachi, it’s probably going to take at least a few days to get the dozens of berries I need to reset its stats. To avoid this, make sure to be careful about putting Pokémon in training in your party.

EV training

One way you can avoid this problem is by giving your Pokémon a whole truckload of vitamins as soon as it’s hatched or caught. You can buy vitamins for a high price at the Veilstone Department store. Each one adds 10 EVs, and they correspond to the following stats:

  • HP Up — HP
  • Protein — Attack
  • Iron — Defense
  • Calcium — Special Attack
  • Zinc —Special Defense
  • Carbos — Speed

Pokémon BDSP also lets you gain EVs through battle. If you happen to have multiple Pokémon in training for the same stats, this EV sharing is quite beneficial. You can also increase the EV yield for a specific Pokémon by having it hold a training item. These are available to purchase for 10 BP at the Battle Tower, and provide the following benefits:

  • Power Weight — +8 HP EVs gained
  • Power Bracer — +8 Attack EVs gained
  • Power Belt — +8 Defense EVs gained
  • Power Lens — +8 Special Attack EVs gained
  • Power Band — +8 Special Defense EVs gained
  • Power Anklet — +8 Speed EVs gained
  • Macho Brace — Double EVs gained


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