PS4 now outranks Wii as second-best selling home console ever

PS4 outsells Wii

The Wii made history during its six-year lifespan becoming one of Nintendo’s most successful products ever. It sold over 101 million units worldwide, which made it Nintendo’s highest-selling home console ever, and Nintendo’s second-highest selling system of all time, following its counterpart the DS.

In the grand scheme of things, this figure also established the Wii as the third-best-selling home console ever, following behind the PS2 and PS1, respectively. In addition to that, it held the position of being the fifth-best-selling game system of all time. As of today, however, these two titles have been stripped from the little white box—and it’s all because of the PS4.

Sony has announced that the PS4 has hit a sell in a figure of 102.8 million units worldwide as of September 30, 2019. Thus, it is now the second-best-selling home console in history, in addition to being the fourth-best-selling game system of all time. This also means that Sony now officially occupies the positions of the top three best-selling home consoles; it would’ve been the top four in succession had the Wii not outsold the PS3.

With Sony’s PS5 launching towards the end of 2020, no doubt PS4 sales will continue to slow down over the coming months. However, it may just end up being like the PS2 and continue to sell relatively well even after its successor enters the forefront. That’s assuming Sony plans to keep producing more units for the next few years.

The Switch has often been compared to the Wii’s sales performance.

As for Nintendo, the Switch is still selling well. It’s continuously been compared to the Wii in terms of sales performance, so it too may end up matching or maybe even outpacing the Wii’s sales further down the line. Since the gap between the Wii and PS4’s sales is small (as of now), then perhaps the Switch could catch up to that level given a few more years.


A.K Rahming
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