Underwater Metroidvaina Pronty: Fishy Adventure will hit Switch this year

Pronty: Fishy Adventure switch

Publisher Joy Brick and developer 18Light Game have revealed plans to release Metroidvania Pronty: Fishy Adventure on Switch in Q1 2022. Starring Pronty, a mysterious, genetically modified being featuring the combined skillset of an underwater creature and a human, the game has players explore a “mysterious underwater world” in their quest to defend Royla, City of the Deep. You can see Pronty: Fishy Adventure in action in the trailer below.

Pronty teams up with Bront the Javelin to explore the game world. Players who pick up Pronty: Fishy Adventure on Switch will use a variety of upgradeable abilities and powers to explore the game’s hundred levels, all while utilizing Bront in a variety of creative ways to solve puzzles, traverse the game world, and fight off mutated underwater enemies. With thirteen boss battles and over forty enemy types, expect a dangerous, formidable adventure for Pronty and Bront.

Are you interested in trying out Pronty: Fishy Adventure on Switch? What do you think of the game’s trailer and premise? Are you enjoying what little we have seen of the game’s setting and gameplay? Personally, I love the look so far. If the gameplay is as smooth as it looks, this could be one to watch. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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