Project Triangle Strategy will appear at TGS 2021 Online

Project Triangle Strategy TGS 2021 Online Tokyo Game Show Square Enix games lineup Artdink

Way back in February, (How is this year moving so fast?!) Square Enix and Artdink announced Project Triangle Strategy for Nintendo Switch, a new grid-based strategy RPG combining the HD-2D Octopath Traveler style of art with the gameplay and political intrigue of Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics. It received a demo then to give players a taste of what to expect when it launches in 2022, but no more official showings of the game have appeared since. That’s set to change at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021 Online though, as Square Enix is set to show off more Project Triangle Strategy there.

Via RPG Site, Square Enix will show Project Triangle Strategy in addition to the following titles as part of its preliminary TGS 2021 lineup:

It is of course possible that more unannounced titles will appear as well.

This past March, Square Enix producer Tomoya Asano explained in an interview that Project Triangle Strategy is targeting 50 hours of gameplay, with a narrative aimed at adults. Perhaps the TGS 2021 showing of Project Triangle Strategy will showcase more of its battle and morality systems, if not a concrete Nintendo Switch release date.


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