‘Project GG’ is the second Platinum 4 game, features a ‘huge hero’

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Details have leaked from the new issue of Famitsu, Japan’s premier game news magazine, about the second game in PlatinumGames’ mysterious “Platinum 4.” ResetEra user moderator Dusk Golem has translated the highlights. (Update: Additional info is now coming from Gematsu.) The second Platinum 4 title is tentatively titled “Project GG,” and it’s being directed by Hideki Kamiya. The game intends to target all existing platforms. The game reportedly is completely different than anything else the studio has done before, and they want to exceed player expectations. And importantly, this will be a self-owned IP for PlatinumGames.

Project GG packs a huge hero and a huge director

The protagonist of Project GG will be a “huge hero,” in the physical sense along the lines of Ultraman. In a vague sense, it is the third in a series of “hero” titles for Hideki Kamiya, with Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101 preceding it. Fifteen people are actively working on this new project right now, but the goal is to build it to a team of 100 people in a new Tokyo studio being opened.

PlatinumGames received offers from publishers to fund and publish Project GG, but they declined it for obvious reasons that have been discussed recently — Platinum wants to own its games now.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, the two remaining games in the Platinum 4 are described as “new projects,” implying it’s something the public doesn’t know about yet, like Bayonetta 3. In fact, the last game in the Platinum 4 is apparently a huge secret and “very interesting.” So that should be something to watch out for!

Again, these are all translated leaks, so there are no images to accompany anything yet. However, the magazine apparently includes a boy transforming into a giant to battle a kaiju (or in other words, a monster like Godzilla). Stay tuned for a formal reveal of Project GG later today!

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