Slightly Mad Studios Reveals Wii U Build Information

Last week, Slightly Mad Studios, the team behind Project Cars, released five brand-new builds that included a number of fixes and enhancements, including improved versions of various cars & tracks. Additionally, there is a good amount of behind the scenes groundwork that has been done, including work on the title’s Wii U version, the upcoming career mode and more.

Build 572 (27/9/13, Team Member+)


* WiiU Thread Setup for RVM/Envmap and Phase3 rendering
* WiiU – tweaked Gamma down again
* HUD Mirror rendering optimised for WiiU – uses it own aliased targets for phase1/2/3, removing a texture copy. Increased Mirror resolution + all in MEM1
* WiiU Increased thread priority for RenderThreads

Build 571 (26/9/13, Team Member+)


* WiiU – various command buffer call state fixes + redundant sampler setting caching
* WiiU warning fix (CarPreviewObject)
* Rain lighting corrected – ambient-and-shadow buffer alias created for particles shadowing

Build 570 (25/9/13, Team Member+)


* WiiU shader parameter setting optimisations
* Support for rendercontext SlopeScale bias (polygon offset in GX2 speak) : fixes shadow z-fighting/motherships

Build 569 (24/9/13, Team Member+)


* WiiU – enabled multi-threaded shadow rendering
* Fix Ambient Shadow MAX_THREADS. WIP RVM multi-threading
* WiiU. DisplayLists are now double buffered – fixes crash in release when using threaded rendering

Build 568 (23/9/13, Team Member+)


* WiiU 0 switch over to Raw Vertex Ptr method for particle systems
* WiiU – support for Raw Vertex/Index Buffers (accelerates particle rendering, also fixes the track worn racing line)
* WiiU – adjust Gamma down a little (Ged mentioned things look a little washed out)
* Fix broken WiiU compilation after recent Gui refactor
* CHUD – fix KickOffRendering sequence around Phase3/landscape and forward rendering

Other information about the Wii U version that isn\’t widely known is that the game appears to only be using 1 out of the 3 cores available for use on the Wii U, something Shin\’en Multimedia has admitted to only be using for it’s Wii U eShop game, Nano Assault Neo.

\”Set main thread to (normal priority + 1) so that normal pri threads get 
cpu time as WiiU threads don\’t time slice. This is a temp solution until
proper thread balancing and core affinity is set\”

It might actually be a miracle that the launch games for Wii U turned out as well as they did. 8 months in from launch and developers were and still are finding unexplored areas of the console.

You can look at the entire build information here. Project CARS releases on the Wii U in 2014.

Omar T