Prison Princess brings pervy puzzle solving to Switch

Prison Princess Qureate Nintendo Switch Japan January

Developer Qureate, who created NekoMiko (which just released), has announced that Prison Princess will release for Nintendo Switch in Japan on Jan. 30 for 1,800 yen ($16.58). The game is produced by Yuujirou Usuda with character designs by Ai Akasa and Inui Waon. It claims to be a “new sensation escape adventure game with beautiful girls, puzzle solving, and a bit of eroticism.” Uh, okay, cool.

Prison Princess is about the hero (you) and two princesses, Arisa and Zena. Arisa is mild-mannered, intelligent, and skilled with magic. Zena is an egotistical sword-wielder who mouths off to the hero. Unfortunately, the hero died on an adventure to stop the Demon King, so you play the game as a spirit who can’t interact with the larger world. Instead, you guide the princesses to solve puzzles, some of which have time limits.

If that all sounds standard-anime mundane to you, then buckle up: You can touch the princesses to trigger “various reactions,” and as Gematsu relates, “the developer suggests not worrying too much about the princess’ frequent display of cleavage and underskirt, as the player’s actions in this case may effect the outcome of the princesses and hero.” So, uh, it sounds like the game punishes you for being a pervert? Is Prison Princess secretly just a game to train people not to be perverts?

Qureate might be on to something here.

We’ll let you know if an announcement for western release happens.


John Friscia
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