Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Japan Has a Lot to Learn From Nintendo

Takeaways can be found in the most unlikely of places


These days, there isn\’t too much to learn from Nintendo, considering their struggle to return to operating profitability. Despite this, probably unaware of current information, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe believes (via Nico Nico) his homeland can learn from the Big N.

When asked for his growth strategy for Japan by a member of the Diet, the Prime Minister had the following to say:

\”Well, for example, there’s a company called Nintendo,\” Abe replied. \”Over there, they made hanafuda cards, but gradually the people playing hanafuda decreased. However, that company called Nintendo makes hanafuda cards and whatnot, and I believe that only by doing that, it wasn\’t able to protect hanafuda.\”

Abe continued: \”So Nintendo used technical expertise to lead the way in developing home video game consoles. \”And at the same time, it is keeping the traditional hanafuda cards. For sure, I think this is something that we can learn from.\”

Despite Nintendo’s current financial position, Abe is right when he notes Nintendo’s ability to maintain its traditional business all while expanding into new ones. I hope this political analogy got him somewhere.

Omar T