Prices of used Switch units now $100 higher than new ones in Japan

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The global coronavirus pandemic has caused a large surge in interest surrounding the Nintendo Switch. Caught off guard by this sudden up-tick in demand in a season that’s typically slower, Nintendo has been having trouble trying to match that with the output of new units. This has created stock shortages in region after region. But, it was Nintendo’s own backyard of Japan which was the first to be affected by such shortages—and the situation has not yet subsided. As a result, some folks in Japan are taking advantage of the shortages to make some extra cash—by charging more for used Switch units.

One report from Livedoor shows that the price of used flagship Switch consoles on average is now 46,651 yen over in Japan. The regular price of an entirely new Switch unit Is 29,980 yen. In terms of US dollars, that’s an increase of $100.

Sellers are banking on some consumers being desperate enough to pay the higher price for even a used unit since the brand-new stock is still hard to come by.

Usually, price-gouging like this happens with the new stock—such as what was going on in the States a few weeks ago. In that case, some sellers were charging as much as $500 for a new Switch unit; a markup of $200.

The best way to combat hungry sellers like these is to ignore their offers. By coughing up the dough for overpriced items, it simply encourages copy-cat sellers.

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A.K Rahming
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