It’s almost here: Pre-orders are now live for Hollow Knight Switch physical edition


Do you recall the tale of the physical edition of Hollow Knight? It was going to be a thing, then was canceled, and then possibly revived? Good news: it is definitely happening. The incredible merchandise store, Fangamer, has announced both a Standard and Collector’s Edition for Hollow Knight on Switch. Pre-orders are available THIS VERY MOMENT.

What goodies do these editions entail?


The Standard Edition of Hollow Knight comes with what you see above: an instruction manual (man, that takes me back to my childhood, when those weren’t extinct) and a fold-out map of Hallownest, the game’s kingdom. In addition, this edition of Hollow Knight contains all of the title’s DLC: Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster. The package will set you back $34.

I know most of you are curious about the header image, though: The Collector’s Edition. It contains all the goodies of the Standard Edition, with some extras:

  • Metal brooch, complete with stand, wall hook, and fastener.
  • 14-page comic book about explorer Quirrel, which serves as a prequel to Hollow Knight.
  • Gold foil Collector’s Box.
  • Gold foil print set from Ari Gibson, the game’s Art Director.
  • Cleaning cloth, exclusive to the Switch (sorry, Sony and Microsoft).

The stylish Collector’s Edition costs $69.

After a long “will it or will it not happen” game of tug of war with my heart, Hollow Knight is finally getting the physical edition it deserves. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this highly acclaimed indie in the coming months.

Pre-orders are live at Fangamer. Both editions will not ship until May 31, 2019. Make sure to get those orders in early. You know how scarce these popular Switch physical carts can be.

Any readers plunking money down on physical Hollow Knight? Let us know your intent with a comment down below!

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