Pre-orders for Coral Switch Lite open for EU/AU, launches 4/23

The new coral-colored Nintendo Switch Lite has garnered a lot of positive attention ever since it was first revealed a few weeks ago. The console is getting ready for its launch next month.

The new color will hit store shelves in Europe and Australia (including New Zealand) on April 23. Pre-orders have opened for both regions.

France has provided specific numbers for how many units will be available: only 20,000. So, this hot neon may run out of supply very quickly over in that country. But, low stock might become a factor elsewhere. That’s due to reduced console manufacturing as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Shortages have not yet been reported in Europe or the USA, but Japan is currently seeing it happen with the flagship Switch. Time will tell to see how this affects the availability of the coral-colored Switch Lite and the rest of the Switch family.

The coral Switch Lite will launch on April 3 over in North America. Japan will be the first to get it on March 20, but it’s already beginning to sell out.

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A.K Rahming
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