Pre-order Luigi’s Mansion at Nintendo UK Store, receive a bonus

Good news for UK Nintendo fans looking to buy Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS, for a few extra pounds you will now receive a bonus when you pre-order the game on the official Nintendo UK online store. This time around fans will have the option to choose from a Boo Lamp or Luigi’s Cap as their added bonus. The game with the pre-order bonus retail for £39.99.

Fans also have the option of purchasing the Boo Lamp and/or Luigi’s Cap separately on the online store. Both items retail for £11.99 each. The Nintendo UK store seems to have great pre-order incentives lately, just like this Super Mario Party bonus announced a few weeks ago.

UK fans what are your thoughts on this pre-order bundle? Is the bonus worth the few extra pounds? Be sure to check out the full details on the Nintendo UK store.

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS launches on October 12th in North America and October 19th in Europe.

Veronica Carusi
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