Power-Up Baseball, Midway’s NBA Jam spin on baseball, has been unearthed decades later

Power-Up Baseball NBA Jam Midway Games Incredible Technologies Video Game History Foundation

The Video Game History Foundation is one of a few organizations that is dedicated to preserving video game history down to the last detail, from video game source code to full runs of classic video game magazines. Today, it unleashed a lengthy feature detailing a lost game it has unearthed and preserved. That game is Power-Up Baseball, which is essentially NBA Jam as a baseball game, and it was in development at Incredible Technologies and Midway Games in the ’90s.

Power-Up Baseball employed digitized photo capture technology like NBA Jam did, along with bombastic visuals and White Sox player Ken “Hawk” Harrelson as an energetic announcer. As the Video Game History Foundation reveals, the game received a few arcade cabinets in the Chicago area for testing, but Power-Up Baseball was ultimately canceled with little evidence that it ever existed. VGHA ultimately got its hands on a playable build of the game because it was part of game designer Chris Oberth’s belongings before he passed away in 2012, and the foundation has been helping to preserve his work. In fact, the unreleased Days of Thunder on NES was preserved last year from his catalogue as well.

You can take a look at the game in action below. After that, check out the Video Game History Foundation website for gameplay details and interviews with former Midway Games employees about Power-Up Baseball and how it spun out of NBA Jam. And yes, you can find a link to download the game build to play yourself.


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