Power Rangers open-world AAA co-op pitch reveals what could’ve been

Power Rangers open-world AAA co-op game pitch Hasbro Gaming Jason Bischoff 2016 Arkham Knights

Prepare for a rush of excitement and delirium, jubilation and crushing disappointment. Jason Bischoff, who was once Saban director of global consumer products for Power Rangers and then Hasbro global franchise director of Power Rangers (Saban having sold the brand to Hasbro in 2018), has offered up a look at “Project Nomad” on Twitter. Project Nomad was a 2016 Saban pitch for a AAA open-world co-op Power Rangers game capturing “energy, teamwork, and the history of the franchise through a fresh lens,” and Bischoff says it would have played like WB Games Montreal’s Gotham Knights before that game even existed.

Project Nomad never escaped out of an “exploration” phase because “with so much circulating through the studio at the time, there was no bandwidth or budget to support” it. This isn’t shocking, as a AAA open-world co-op Power Rangers game isn’t something you just slap together in a year, and lofty plans for video games come and go all the time. Bischoff did at least say that early talks with game developers and publishers were “favorable” before business shifts saw interest in a AAA Power Rangers fade.

So in the end, all we have is some tantalizing concept art, including of the classic Power Rangers, Ninjor, the Gold Ranger, the Alien Rangers, Alpha 5, and Eltar being liberated by the Rangers. It’s a shame, but I’ve been thinking for years that an open-world Power Rangers (or, heck, Sailor Moon) could be incredible — so I really hope it happens eventually. In the meantime, at least Battle for the Grid is cool.




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