Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Street Fighter Pack adds Ryu, Chun-Li

nWay Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Street Fighter Pack adds Ryu, Chun-Li Super Edition release date May July Crimson Hawk Blue Phoenix Ranger

A nerd lives for stories like this: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will receive a Street Fighter Pack featuring Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter on May 25 for $12.50 on all its available platforms, including Nintendo Switch. In total, the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Street Fighter Pack will include “Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger;” “Chun-Li, Blue Phoenix Ranger;” and exclusive skins that will be revealed later. Each character can also be purchased individually for $5.99. A trailer for Crimson Hawk Ranger Ryu has been released, though it also provides a glimpse of Blue Phoenix Ranger Chun-Li at the end.

How is such a cross-over possible? Well first of all, it’s already happened before thanks to a cross-over for a mobile game that resulted in a freaking fantastic live-action short film with real Power Rangers actors. But there is a canon reason why it is happening in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as well:

Lord Zedd has weakened the Morphin Grid and is starting to break down the walls between realities. Ryu finds himself transported to the world of the Rangers where he acquires a Power Coin and takes on the mantle of the Crimson Hawk Ranger. Ryu brings to the battle his trademark stoic, reserved poise and a lifetime of Shotokan training. His fluid, almost water-like fighting style is deadly at both range and up close, with his moves executed using classic, genre-defining input commands. Keep opponents on their toes from a distance with classic Hadouken, or punish aggressive play up close with his Tastumaki Senpukyaku or iconic Shoryuken.

Additionally, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition will launch digitally on May 25 and physically in July for $49.99, containing all DLC for the game, including the Street Fighter Pack. That means it will include the Street Fighter Pack, three season passes’ worth of extra characters, and four bonus character skins.

I’m awful at fighting games, but ugh, I might have to finally cave and get this. What about you?

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