Milestone: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid first fighter to offer cross-play across five platforms

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Last year saw the release of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. A decent fighting game, the title has added more content with updates and season passes over the ensuing months. In February, it received an enhancement allowing cross-play across four SKUs: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Now, the brawler is about to add a fifth platform on Monday: Goggle Stadia.

Fans of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid can play against their friends anywhere

Check out the official announcement via the game’s Twitter page and bask in its glory:

By the gods, I never thought I’d see the day. Especially with how against cross-play Sony had been until recently. But it appears more companies are seeing how beneficial cross-play truly is. It’s wonderful to play with your friends who own different consoles. The fewer barriers there are to social gaming, the better.

Enthusiasts, how do you feel about this groundbreaking news? Are you fans of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid? Do you believe more games will have cross-play as a mandatory feature next generation? Did anybody actually purchase a Google Stadia? Let us know your answers by leaving an insightful comment down below.

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