Sproing!: Mother 2 pouches en route to Japan in pixelated form


Mother 2, aka Earthbound, is a unique, memorable RPG. With its status as a cult icon, many gamers adore the title. A lot of Mother 2 merchandise has been made over the years, both officially and unofficially, for fans to purchase and cradle carefully in their arms. Recently, the company Hobonichi announced two Mother 2 pouches that will be available for sale in Japan shortly.

You come buying?

Check out some pictures of these pixelated pouches:



I’ll take seventeen of each, please.

Hobonichi is planning to release these pouches in two varieties: “Big” and “Small.” The big one will set you back 6048 yen ($54.14), while the small version is 4104 yen ($36.74). No official sale date has been set, but these bad boys are expected soon.

Additionally, here is a fun fact fans will be happy to know: Hobonichi is Shigesato Itoi’s company. Itoi is the creator of the Mother series, so these carrying cases will be official as all hell.

I am really digging these carrying cases. I love how it depicts the main cast from Earthbound, Mr. Saturn, and the SNES controller. Perhaps one day, these pouches will be able to hold Switches and the entire Mother trilogy of games. Why yes, I do still desperately hold onto the hope Mother 3 will be localized in the United States one day. How did you guess?

Any Enthusiasts in Japan interested in picking these neat wallets up? Are there American gamers like me who tear up at night imagining a world with an official Mother 3 release? Leave us your insights in the comment field below!

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