Harry Potter RPG video footage surfaces, later pulled by Warner Bros.


Here’s something I didn’t see coming. Video of a Harry Potter RPG game surfaced on YouTube today, and was later taken down by Warner Bros. The footage shown was blurry but convincing, and since Warner removed it, there’s probably some validity to the title’s existence.

Expecto some information

According to Reddit, the video was obtained from an American focus group. Additionally, Avalanche Software was supposedly hiring for a Harry Potter RPG last year, so this mysterious video eyesore could be the fruit of their labor. Developer Rocksteady has also teased that they are working on a new big title. Could Harry Potter be what they are creating?

The leaker of the footage claims to have information regarding the Harry Potter game:

  • It’s set in the 19th century before Harry stepped foot inside Hogwarts.
  • Third person open-world action RPG.
  • Your character receives a late acceptance to Hogwarts and starts in their 5th year, making them even smarter than Hermoine.
  • You have a latent gift for magic that allows you to track and identify remnants of an ancient power.
  • Crazy stuff happens in both the Forbidden Forest and within Hogwarts when you arrive, meaning you have worse luck than Harry.
  • A professor named Elezar Fig helps you unravel the main mystery in locations both familiar and new.
  • You’ll battle goblins, dark wizards, and various otherworldly creatures using spells and potions you create.
  • Eight different wizard types to customize your character.
  • Choose your friends and house as you debate whether to be good or evil.
  • The story is unique and not connected to the books or movies.

Hopefully, this footage is legit and the Harry Potter RPG comes to all major consoles, including Switch. Nintendo’s console is no stranger to Harry Potter games, after all.

Readers, did you get a chance to see the footage before it was taken down? Was it everything you could have wanted and more? Let us know below.

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