Epoch artistry: Chrono Trigger portraits from comic book artist stun with their beauty


Chrono Trigger is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time. It’s my favorite video game on the SNES. It brings back fond memories and was a lightning in a bottle title that can never be replicated. I always appreciate being reminded of its greatness. Therefore, I became giddy when I happened upon a comic book artist’s character portraits from the game.

Gaze upon these portraits of unmatched elegance

Dave Rapoza, who is perhaps best known for his art on Steve LichmanStarVeil, and Cayde’s Six, shared some images he drew of the protagonists from Chrono Trigger.

Here’s a sampling of his faves:

I can’t argue with those choices. An insanely cool inventor, robot, swordsman, and magical vampire-like being are hard to top.

However, I’d like you all to take a gander at the header image up top. That’s Ayla, my most cherished Chrono Trigger party member. Why do I love her so? It’s because she tears through foes with her bare hands. In addition, she can summon a dinosaur tail to smash enemies. Don’t even get me started on her Double and Triple Techs.

Rapoza is keen on drawing some more portraits in the future, with Glenn/Frog as his next prospects. If you want to see more of his non-Chrono Trigger work, check out his website.

Art enthusiasts, are you a fan of Rapoza’s portraits? Do you desperately want The Dream Project to reform and create a new Chrono title? Let us know down below!

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